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In India, a girl with four legs and three arms was born 

In India, a girl with four legs and three arms was born

In  India, a woman gave birth to a girl with four legs and three arms. At the same time, her twin brother was born, without any pathologies. A rare case is reported by Daily Mail.
Doctors from the city ​​of Tonk (Rajasthan) say that the 24-year-old mother of Raju was carrying triplets. However, the two twins joined in the womb. The woman in labor did not do an ultrasound and did not suspect that she was expecting three children.

“The boy is normal, and the girl is the case of Siamese twins. She had a slight breathing problem. She was hooked up with oxygen, now she is in a stable state. We will send her to a more equipped hospital in Jaipur for further treatment, ”the doctors said.

They believe that the extra limbs of the child can be removed, and she can live a normal life.
However, in the comments, Western Internet users are already demanding to leave the “miracle child” alone.

“Please leave the miracle child alone! Stop sawing children who don’t meet your definition of “normality,” a US resident wrote.

Two years ago, a similar incident occurred in another region of India. There, a 22-year-old woman, Cooley Bai, had a boy with four legs and three arms. The shock news quickly spread throughout the village, and superstitious relatives suggested drowning the child in a local river. The boy was sent to the hospital and operated on, removing the limbs belonging to the twin parasite.

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